Tiny Eden Farms

Established in 2019

About The Farm

It is truly never a dull moment with our Scottish Highland cattle, Babydoll sheep, and rare chicken breeds!

2024 Harvest Dinners

Join us for an evening under the stars filled with wonderful food and even better company...

Al Fresco Pizza Class

Learn the art of making pizza from scratch. For one night only, September 28th...

About Tiny Eden Farms

Although we now have 1,400 feet of garden beds, there are no Farmers’ Markets for us in the future.We're often asked if we'll start selling what we grow, and the answer is "no". We feel privileged to have made a commitment years ago that all of the organic food we produce will be in support the of our local food bank and Community Fridges.*We’ve always felt a little heartbroken to see donation bins filled with things like pasta noodles and canned beans. And we get it - food needs to be non-perishable for ease of storage and distribution. However, access to fresh produce is a huge need and for those who don’t have that access, on a very small and humble level, we want to help fill that gap.When it comes to our local community we want to explore more involvement. It’s not uncommon for us to strike up conversations with delivery drivers who come to drop off packages and share stories of where they're from (often India, Eastern Europe, China, etc.) and how deeply they miss being connected to food and the land.These conversations have given us the desire that one day we can line up a triple win: A Community Harvest.Last year we experienced a huge challenge around harvesting. More than a third of our vegetables died on the vine simply because we didn’t have the hands available on the farm to pick and pack.If we were to open up the farm for volunteers:

  • They would be able to get their hands dirty (which many are yearning for, given having space to garden is a privilege not available to most).

  • It would help the farm ensure that nothing we grow goes to waste.

  • We could support (and be supported by) the wider community.

We may be able to lean into this for 2025, but for 2024 we do have some unique ways that we'll be opening up the farm to visitors with our Harvest Dinners.

* outside of providing for our family and harvest dinners

Havest Dinners - 2024 Season

In a short period of time we've been lucky enough to have friends come visit us from places as far as Hong Kong and Kenya. It's a blessing to share our farm with friends. One of the things we have had on our wish list for some time is to host a series of end-of-season Harvest Dinners. Evenings filled with beautiful conversations over wonderful food (and of course, an opportunity to play alongside the animals).We're finally leaning into this for the 2024 season by hosting two Harvest Dinners - August 24th and September 14th.Our first batch of tickets have been claimed, but we will be releasing additional spaces closer to the dinner dates.Enter your details below to be added to the notification list.

Al Fresco Pizza Class

September 28th, 2024

I baked my first loaf of Sourdough in 2018 under the guidance of master baker Matthew James Duffy, and I was hooked.The following year, I transitioned those skills to pizza, and the rest is history. I am not a professional "cook" by training, although I did have a short stint at culinary school in 2016. I am just enamoured by the diverse world of pizza.(I trust the photo above illustrates that - Taken candidly by my lovely wife in the small medieval town of San Gimignano, Italy)The class will be fun, hands-on and super approachable regardless of your skill level (I often bake with kids).During our 3 hours together, you will learn two styles of pizza. A traditional Neapolitan pie that can be done in a small backyard pizza oven, and a New York style that can be made in a traditional home oven.We'll cover the basics - dough recipes and mixing techniques, shaping, stretching... So that you can let your imagination fly when it comes to toppings.